Monday, April 18, 2011

My life is weird.

Last night I was hanging out with Corinna, who just broke up with her long time, live-in boyfriend, and is pretty good at disguising the fact that she's hurting, but of course she is. We went to Wal*Mart at around 1 AM to get caffeine and were checked out by Heidi, the Wal*Mart clerk who I sort of have a thing for, maybe, if I knew her better. Corinna said I should flirt with her more, which I think is a little crass. For whatever reason, I've always felt like hitting on women at work is really tasteless and rude. I guess it's because they have to be there, and have to put up with you, or they will be penalized.

1 comment:

  1. I definitely don't think you should hit on Heidi at work. Just flirt with her. Strike up a friendly conversation. Compliment her jewelry, if she has any. But don't be like "You look hot tonight" or whatever. And don't tell her the fucking deer story.