Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jodie Sweetin

I just watched the news expose about how Jodie Sweetin got into meth after she left Full House. She was actually really smart sounding and articulate. I think she would be a pretty cool person to get to know.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I like the girl who plays Fanny.

But this isn't very funny.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sorry I only post on here when I've been drinking.

But hey, you know who's a total cutie pie? Morgan Murphy. She's a stand up comedian. You should check her out. I think some men don't find funny women attractive. Not me. I think funny women are fucking BAAAAD AAAAAASSSSSSSSS!


Friday, July 16, 2010

Sally Jacobs

I was reading this article because I kind of have a thing for nerdy women. She's really cute.

Still drunked, by the way. I'm going to bed after this.


Sarah Carter

Hey I'm drunked right now. The power went out here at the ranch, and I got bored waiting for them to turn it back on, so I started drinking whiskey in the hopes it would put me to sleep faster. Perhaps a bad move, really.

Before the power went out, my father and I watched the Smallville episode that introduced this cute girl who had relationship issues in a big way. She was played by Sarah Carter, and she's really darn cute if you ask me.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kerri Kenney-Silver

I've been watching The State lately. I always thought Kerri Kenney looked like she should be cute on Reno 911, but for some reason, she wasn't cute. I have now figured out that she was made to look less attractive on Reno 911 using special effects or something, because on The State she's so goddamn hot. She was the only female cast member on the show, and I wish I was the only guy on a cast with ten of her. I want to do things with her wearing less than pants.


Cute Girls at the Dentist's Office

I had a pretty badass time at the dentist's the other day. For one thing, I think the anesthesia they were using had a positive affect on my overall appreciation of life (and by that I mean I was feeling high as a Georgia pine). Also there was a very tall, very attractive woman who was working there. I asked her if she was from the valley, and she went to the same high school as I did, but she graduated before I was a frosh. Her sister was there too, giving the dentist a hand, presumably as a sort of after-school job thing. They both sort of looked like the cute cheerleader popular girls from a movie. Like, I could totally see them making fun of Carrie. To round out the evening, one of the fillings I had replaced was a patch up job from a previous engagement with the same dentist, so that was free. Ultimately, I only had to pay $83 to get three holes in my teeth fixed. For someone who's uninsured, that's a goddamn bargain.

Tina Kurtz

The girl who works at Dave's Place is named Tina Kurtz. She's the owner, Dave Kurtz' daughter. I went there yesterday with some friends and Tina was there with someone who's probably her boyfriend. I remember her from high school as being not very attractive and having an impressive sexual resume. The sexual resume bit was probably just vicious rumors. At any rate, she's very good looking and she seems pretty cool and I hold out hope that that guy she was with was not her boyfriend.