Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cute Girls at the Dentist's Office

I had a pretty badass time at the dentist's the other day. For one thing, I think the anesthesia they were using had a positive affect on my overall appreciation of life (and by that I mean I was feeling high as a Georgia pine). Also there was a very tall, very attractive woman who was working there. I asked her if she was from the valley, and she went to the same high school as I did, but she graduated before I was a frosh. Her sister was there too, giving the dentist a hand, presumably as a sort of after-school job thing. They both sort of looked like the cute cheerleader popular girls from a movie. Like, I could totally see them making fun of Carrie. To round out the evening, one of the fillings I had replaced was a patch up job from a previous engagement with the same dentist, so that was free. Ultimately, I only had to pay $83 to get three holes in my teeth fixed. For someone who's uninsured, that's a goddamn bargain.

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