Monday, August 19, 2013

Questions Unanswered

On the way to catch
the blue line trolley
5th & Broadway station

a hooker I walked past
had a cigarette in her hand
and as I neared her she asked
something that I thought was
'Can I borrow your lighter?'
so I answered
'Sorry I don't smoke.'

and she brought up
the cigarette to her lips

and I noticed that it was already lit
but I'd already said
'Sorry I don't smoke.'

She seemed appeased by what I had said.
Apropriate or otherwise,
so I continued to
the trolley station

And I wondered
what had she
really asked?

I'll never know.
Neither will you.

The Giant Heads at Easter Island.
The Fate of Amelia Airheart
What she asked.

Apologies, C. Bukowski.
Apologies, N. Gurewitch.

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