Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Youth in Revolt

I'm at my brother's house in Santa Cruz right now. We're watching this movie Youth In Revolt. Mac rented it. He's my brother's roommate and an old, old friend, but he likes and rents some turd movies.

I tried sleeping through it, then I tried not paying attention and being on the Internet. Then I tried smoking weed and drinking to see if I could get tore up enough to forget it. Now the credits are rolling.

I don't do well with romantic comedies. I feel like they taunt me. My family and I have been in a lot of stores today, and stores also make me depressed. Y'know, because I'm broke and stores are full of things I can't afford. I put a quarter in a machine to get an Urbanzee and the machine ate my quarter. It really sucked, coz a quarter is about as much money as I'm willing to spend on something silly.

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