Saturday, January 8, 2011

Vanessa Redgrave


The last few nights I was watching Camelot. It's a really long musical and I thought it was good but not great. I was pretty struck by how absolutely beautiful Vanessa Redgrave is though. She has a cute little nose, that I fear would have been lost to plastic surgery if she were an actress today. I hate it how in mass media women are only supposed to look one particular way. What horse shit.

Redgrave's character if Camelot was really kind of a butthead, and I had a hard time respecting her. Really.

I can't sleep now, and I'm having a case of that late night lonely feeling (LNLF). Also, if you google Vanessa Redgrave, you're going to see pictures of her that are either of her when she was older, or when she was nakked. Never both though.

Sometimes I think it's weird that we're so rarely naked. I mean, in nature, people were always naked, and they came up with clothing, which served a practical purpose, but it's come to be so much more than that. Now there are few human beings that go a whole day without any clothes on. To me, that just seems strange.

LNLF sucks. I think maybe I'll dose myself with melatonin in an attempt to get out of this bad mood.

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