Sunday, September 11, 2011

San Diego

I moved to sunny San Diego a little over a week ago, and I haven't updated in a while because I left my computer when I moved. I started a new job as a care provider, and so far it's been really fucking awesome.

I watched Bridget Jones' Diary the other day, fully expecting to think it was awful, but I actually thought it was really good. I've never much cared for Renee Zellweger. I get the feeling that a lot of people hate her, and I kind of get it, but for the life of me, I can't help but think BJD was a really good movie. It's about this woman who drinks and smokes a lot and thinks she has a weight problem even though she's totally normal. I love cynical, heavy drinking, fuck-not-giving women. I also really like how she was just fat enough so that you could see how she really hated her weight, but at the same time, you recognized that she really was not that large. I could go into better detail, but I watched that movie almost a week ago, and the moment has passed.

At the gym where my client goes, there's a lot of cool kids and a lot of cool girls. I'm not especially interested in any of them. Maybe if I got to know them better, but at the moment, everyone has been really friendly and fun to kick it with and that's totally enough for me. One of the women who works at the gym is in a soccer club, and she has a match today that I'm hoping I can make it to.

The other day, I was getting Indian food at this restaurant that my client turned me on to (Fucking incredible naan!) and there was this tall woman who I was sort of checking out, because I think tall women are great, and I noticed she was there with this cheesy Southern California guy. It seriously reminded me of why I have always hated this half of the state. Cocky people can be annoying, for sure, but if you're going to be cocky, at least be cocky over something worth being cocky about. These Southern California twits are cocky about how plastic and simple-minded they are. I know I'm being really prejudice toward I guy I only saw, but he has a pretty woman in his life, so he deserves my prejudice.

The day before yesterday, I watched Mixed Nuts. I remember seeing it when I was about 11-years-old and thinking it was the funniest movie I had ever seen. It has not aged incredibly well, but it's still worth watching, and Rita Wilson was really cute in it.
Parker Posey is also in the movie. I was really excited to see her name in the beginning credits, because she's my favorite female actor after Cate Blanchett. Unfortunately, she only had a bit part as an angry rollerblader.
Last night, I was out at a bar with some people, and they were talking about somebody they knew who was taking time off work to get a boob job. Can I just, for the record, say that I hate boob jobs, and while I support a woman's right to augment her body however she wants, I really wish boob jobs, and all plastic surgery for that matter, had never been invented. If we really look at it, are empowered, confident women the ones getting all these boob jobs? I'm sure they're getting some of them, but I fear the majority goes to insecure women who have been lead by society to believe they're somehow broken or need to change themselves in order to have worth. I know that I run a blog that has a certain slant on what makes a woman attractive, and in this very post I've plastered a bunch of pictures of beautiful women who fit into a standard, but hypocrite or no, I really, really think we need to remove the disease of societal beauty standards from our world so that we can end the symptoms such as expensive and unnecessary plastic surgery.

Also, I started watching the Bourne Identity for the first time in a while last night, and I'd forgotten that Franka Potente is in that movie. One of the very first posts on here was about her. I kind of decided last night that she's the cutest women I've ever seen. I don't know why the picture says 'oh phillip! i love you.' I stole it off google image search, so there you go.

I've been watching a fuck-ton of movies lately. I also watched The Brave One, and was dully surprised at how good looking Jodie Foster is. When you're as talented as she is, you really don't need to be that handsome, but she is. So good for her.

I also watched Pitch Black, and there was this woman in it named Claudia Black who had a cute accent and was cute looking. I made a 'Who's this?' post about her a while ago, and now I have a movie that I saw her in and I know who she is kind of. Hurray!

I think that's it.


  1. You've really watched an awful lot of movies lately lol. Congrats on getting the new job :) I also agree with what you say about the plastic surgery thing. Most of those empowered confident women can also afford them, so it doesn't seem to be a fiscal matter.

  2. Congrats on the job and move! Bummed I didn't get to see you before you left, but I guess we'll have to hang out if you get to visit. I still have your book... do you want me to mail it to you?