Monday, September 26, 2011

Charger Girls

Yesterday, my roommate/boss and I went to see the Chargers play the KC Chiefs. I don't follow football, and I thought the game itself wasn't super exciting, but the overall experience of going to the game was pretty fun and interesting. There were lots and lots of attractive women there. For whatever reason, football uniforms look very becoming on women. That's why women date football players in high school, so they can look all hot in their boyfriend's uniform. I thought the Charger Girls cheerleading squad was sort of interesting. Professional cheerleading seems sort of anti-climatic. In school, cheerleaders go to all sorts of tournaments and do really complex choreography that takes talent and finesse, but if you get really good at that, you go on to play second fiddle for a football team in front of a bunch of drunken rowdy people who will ogle you and care little for the athletic/creative talents beyond their application toward making you sexually appealing. Not only that, but the actually cheers weren't especially impressive. Certainly they took more physical fitness than I've ever been capable of in my lifetime, but that's not saying much of anything. Anyway, I gook some really good pictures of the cheerleaders.

Those guys in the jerseys in the last picture were sitting in front of me. I was in shorts and not wearing any underwear, and at one point they kind of looked over at me, and giggled, so I think they saw my dick. If so, they are indubitably the luckiest people to attend the game.

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