Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The woman who works at BevMo.

So yesterday, I was at BevMo with Matt. I went to the checkout with both of our puchases, and spent roughly 15 minutes just trying to get alcohol. I had to sign up for a club card to get a sale. Then I had to pull out my card because there wasn't enough cash for everything. Then I couldn't remember my new pin. Then the thing froze up. Super annoying. Anyway, the woman who worked the register was totally chill and I really liked her attitude and outlook on life. Also, I got to talk to her some more becUse I hit a car when I was backing out and I had to go inside to get a pen and paper to write a note. The person in the car I hit had driven off by the time I got out there, so that was that. That's all I can stand to type on this fu/king thing. Goodnight.

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