Thursday, October 6, 2011

My posts here are probably going to suffer.

Because typing on a tablet is difficult as shit. Earlier today I went to a coffee shop with my roommate. A great man once said 'Cute girls who work at coffee shops are the only reason people go to coffee shops.' and I think this is a quite insightful statement. There were many very cute girls at the shop we went to today. There was a woman using the computer there that I almost thought was this one girl who I had a thing for my frosh year of college. I really screwed up royally with her, and as I sit here I ponder if a similar set of issues has haunted all my dealings in the romantic/sexual. I wish I were more like my new roommate. He manages to be compitent at the things he puts his mind to, whereas I can't help but feel as though I'm making no headway in life. I think I might talk to him about this.

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  1. never hurt to talk to someone, and hopefully you can figure out how to make the tablet work