Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kristen Schaal


So this blog is back in business. I shut it down when some sort of personal posts I was making were getting me into trouble with work and friends. I've deleted about a hundred posts and hopefully trimmed away anything too divulging.

Of all the things the Internet has taught me about, Kristen Schaal is one of them. I was going to say she was one of my favorites, but let's not kid ourselves. The Internet has given me some fucking radstyle shit. Still, I sort of knew who she was for a while. I'd seen her do an appearance on the Daily Show and a picture of her turned up when I was trying to google someone else. But I finally found out how funny she is when I got caught up on 30 Rock a couple of weeks ago. Now, she's pretty much the funniest woman I know of. I want to get every joke she says tattooed on me so I can just walk around reading my own skin and laughing. She rules balls.

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