Thursday, March 10, 2011

'I need to get fucked.'

I've been swearing a lot on my blog. I think it's because I hate it when people tell me not to swear, and a lot of people have been telling me to stop swearing lately, so I retreat to my blog where I can, within reason, write whatever I want, and not get told to stop swearing. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck.

Also, I've been doing a fair number of introspective posts, as opposed to 'This woman from the media is good looking' type posts. Have I been paying less attention to the media, or am I just in my head a lot these days?

Anyway, when I started writing this post, I was going to talk about how I could think of two instances in film where a woman complained openly about being sexually frustrated (Ghost World and Sex And The City), and did this suggest that women are more capable of expressing sexual frustration than men in our culture? Then I remembered that there was a man expressing sexual frustration in Transpotting, so I'm probably full of hot air. It would be surprising to find that women are more capable of expressing sexual frustration than men. Though it could be understood. While men are more allowed to express sexual content in general, their expression is regimented differently. Men are prescribed discussing sex as something they excel at, and expressing sexual frustration would be an admission of failure in sexual competitiveness. Women, on the other hand, in the rare instances they are allowed to express sexuality, are encouraged to handle the subject with maturity and understanding. To that end, a woman is able to be upfront about sexual frustration, as there's no competition or standard to uphold.

Of course, sexual desire in general is perfectly acceptable to express for men (and not nearly so much for women). A man might not be allowed to say 'I'm feeling sexually frustrated.', but he could presumably say 'I need some pussy, man!' But enough babbling crap.

I have to admit, that I've been sexually frustrated as of late. It's more of a desire to be physically close to someone than, y'know, a need to pop a load out. Like honestly, if I could just fall asleep next to someone, I'd prefer that to anything legitimately sexual. Too bad I'm so criminally shy that I can't stand the thought of approaching women for intimacy.

I guess that's everything I wanted to say.

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  1. I feel like expression of sexual frustration is expression of sexual desire. Which is way more prescribed for men, and proscribed for women. Pretty much any male centric sex comedy you care to view is chock full of sexually frustrated guys who are constantly falling victim to women who engage is some sort of sexual bait and switch...while in female oriented comedies, men are more likely to perform an emotional bait and switch. Either way, the message remains that men and women's needs and desires remain irreconcilable....