Wednesday, November 9, 2011

And I've been putting out fire, WITH GAS-O-LEEEEEEEEEEN!

Earlier tonight this friend who's been crashing here put on that movie Red, and the woman from Weeds is in it. Something about her makes me much more inclined to just be friends with her, even though she's smokin' hot. Anyway as I was viewing the film, I realized that lately I've been horny in the sense that I've been longing for the embrace of the other. The physical admiration of alterity that comes from the sexual experiance. That really sucks, because I'm no good at human sexuality, and I don't even want to have to try to meet someone. I certainly haven't met anyone I want to get involved with since I moved down here. I did meet one woman who at first seemed pretty awesome, but she's married, and she's a Christian, and as a rule, I never trust the Christians. I'm definately, definately not going to bother looking for someone. That's a horrible chore. I just wish the longing feeling wouldn't come about. I wish this world wasn't so set up to be more enjoyable when you're in love. Love is bullshit.

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