Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Will you still like me when you find out I have a weird blog?

I tried to explain this blog to some prospective roommates yesterday (Well, now it's the day before yesterday. You'd think a night-owl like myself would have started making note of the day changing at midnight.) and it was really pretty awkward, I mean, what, exactly is this blog about? Women. It's a blog about women who I like. Usually it's about women who I like in that way but sometimes it's about women who I like the way I like bell hooks or Wanda Sykes. Then sometimes it's about personal drama, and trying to come to terms with human sexuality as the frosting on the cake that is existential crisis.  I think from now on I'm going to tell people this blog is about an existential crisis. It's not a lie, and it sounds a lot better than 'women.'

Perhaps the conversation it was made even more awkward by the fact that only moments before, one of the prospective roommates asked if I was queer, and I didn't answer in the negative. I didn't say yes either. I said 'I don't know.' Which is really pretty true. I've dabbled with the idea of identifying as queer heterosexual, or some other, more open-minded descriptor for my sexuality, but nothing seems to stick. I had a good year or so when I identified as asexual, and that was going okay until I remembered that I liked girls.

I think I've been given way too much time in life to ponder my sexuality and way too little time to practice it. Maybe from now on if someone asks me how I identify I ought to say 'I don't know. Get me laid and I'll get back to you.'

I started an OK Cupid profile as a joke. I was originally going to cave in and venture into that shameful pit of hell known as Internet dating, but (Older readers might recall) I've been so, so hurt by the way that kind of shit has gone down in the past, that I couldn't bring myself to do it. Some random male gave my profile four out of five stars, which is nice of him. I checked out his profile to see if I thought we'd be a good match. He's fairly androgynous looking so I didn't catch on for a while. He mentioned that he's into furries. And I had a thought: in the spectrum of 'I'm trying not to be prejudiced toward you but holy hell is that weird and pathetic and stupid.' Furries rank slightly above Juggalos.

Finally, Matts and I watched Cloverfeild the other night, and then we watched the special features, and the actress from that movie is really, really sarcastic in a way that's delightful to watch on TV but would probably get really bothersome, perhaps even upsetting, if you spent much time with her in real life. I get told I'm too sarcastic pretty regularly, so we'd either be perfect for each-other or a complete and utter nightmare.

That's a nice picture of her. Did you know that she also played Janis Ian in Mean Girls? That's crazy. I had no idea. How the fuck can she act alongside Lindsay Lohan and look like a young kid and then a couple of years later look like she's late 20's early 30's? Oh, Hollywood! You so crazy!

Also, Janis Ian, the songwriter, kicks ass, and it was radstyle that they named the character from Mean Girls after her.

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  1. I was dying in laughter reading through the okcupid account.