Friday, December 31, 2010

Laura Dern has one SMOKIN' HOT body.

I just finished watching Citizen Ruth, which is a movie where Laura Dern plays a druggie who becomes the center of the abortion debate after a judge offers to reduce her child endangerment charges if she aborts her pregnancy.


There are several scenes in which she's wearing clothing that leaves little to the imagination, and there is this one scene where she's lying in bed on top of the sheets, and she rolls up into a ball and pulls the covers over her without getting out of bed. I was impressed with her flexibility, and wondered how a woman that was mostly into drugs was capable of such calisthenics. But more than either of those two things, I was taken with how shockingly hot she is. I mean seriously, it was like being hit by an amorous bus.


Not to toot my own horn, but I think I generally keep this blog pretty free from my more physical inclinations. Not today. I totally want Laura Dern and I'm not afraid to admit it.


Also, this wasn't the first time I saw Citizen Ruth, sorta. When I was younger, my father was watching the movie, and I came into the living room, with a bowl of cereal, to watch it with him. The first scene of the movie was really graphically sexual, and I don't think my father would have wanted me watching that, nor do I think I would have been comfortable watching that kind of scene with my father at that age (or ever), so I tried to act like I came into the living room for something else. I put the bowl of cereal on a kleenex box while I pretended to look through a phone book or something, and because kleenex boxes aren't very sturdy, the bowl toppled to the floor and spilled milk and cereal everywhere. So I had to clean up a giant mess and the graphic sexuality on the tv screen just got more awkward.

And a final note, I just read on wikipedia that Laura Dern is married to Ben Harper. Talk about a hot woman who's married to someone way less cool than I am. I mean seriously, has she listened to his music? I bet you she hasn't. Maybe she's deaf and everyone lies to her about his music being awesome. 'Boy Laura, I wish you could hear this song. It's called "Burn one down." It sure is great!'

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