Thursday, August 25, 2011

Darth Vader Backpack Model

In real life, it's unlikely anyone would actually use this backpack anywhere but a comic book convention. Before you buy one, think to yourself, 'Do I really have the guts to wear this in public?' Also, just don't buy it, because it's a stupid product. I like Star Wars a lot, but that doesn't make it cool to look like you have a small, fluffy Darth Vader clinging to your shoulders.

The Darth Vader backpack people had to find an awfully cute girl to model this monstrosity. Just judging from her looks and being completely shallow, I don't think I'd really like her very much as a person. She looks kind of Hot Topic-ish and she sort of reminds me of the woman in Sex Drive, which was such a dumb movie that I didn't even care for the woman in it even though she was pretty.

Yeah, I just couldn't see myself being happy with the Darth Vader Backpack Model. You know what would be awesome though? Is if Darth Vader had a backpack that looked like her. That would probably really freak her out. Darth Vader rules balls.


  1. That's fresh. Would love a Yoda one, naturally.

  2. They should have really gone with a Yoda one. Darth Vader is so bad-ass he doesn't need a backpack.