Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lacy Chabert

I was 13 when Lost In Space the movie came out. It was a really crappy movie, but I kind of liked it because of the little ways it depicted the future. I mean, things like space ships and aliens and time travel are pretty run-of-the-mill as far as science fiction goes. What captured my interest was things like the fashion, the small gadgets, stuff like that. Few movies depict things like surgery in the distant future.

Lacy Chabert played Penny in the movie, and I thought she was super cool. She was just beginning her awkward teenage years where she was trying to figure out how to be her own person, while still in the clutches of her family, and that was something I could relate to. Plus, Penny is a cool name. She was all alone up there in space with no friends her age, outcast in her own spaceship/home. Her older sister was able to shack up with that one guy, whom she had a crush on, and she really had no-one. They didn't even really do anything with her character in the movie.

And so, in my awkward and unbecoming pubic stupor, I totally had a thing for her. Now I kind of want to see that movie again, except it really sucked and I probably wouldn't enjoy watching it.


  1. She is pretty cute. It sounds like a good character, and I was considering watching the movie until you said it wasn't so good lol.

  2. She got way hot when she got older

  3. Agreed, she is hot.