Friday, August 12, 2011

This day went from a carpe diem sort of morning to a 'Why don't we have more whiskey and cigarettes?' sort of morning within the space of about five minutes. I went to the store for granola and caffeine after breakfast, because chances are I'm going to be hungry again at some point during the day. I forgot to bring a CD with me, so I was listening to the shitty Top 40's radio and this fucking song came on, and it made me reflect how I've been doing in my love life and made me all fucking depressed.

Then at the store there was this cool girl buying groceries and I wanted to talk to her but I didn't. I spent a long ass time in the cereal aisle, because granola is too fucking expensive. Seriously, if I bought a brand new sports car and filled it with granola, I would have paid more for the granola. So I bought Malt-O-Meal® Cinnamon Toasters® instead. As I was trying to decide upon a cereal to enjoy, I heard her talking to this stupid old guy in line. She was hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. We get a lot of PCT hikers in our little town, stopping to stock up on supplies and R&R before going back. She sounded really nice and I should have talked to her, but I didn't. And now I'm really kind of depressed.


  1. you should make your own granol, it's easy as fuck and raw oatmeal is cheap if you buy in bulk. the extra items you add are probably where most of the cost will come from, but you can probably make 5 pounds or more for the price of a 14 oz box of prepackages bullshit. look into it. there are some good recipes online, but I might suggest this vegan one from Alton Brown, it looks pretty good:

  2. maybe you should start a new blog called "women to whom chuck actually talks" :P