Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Women of Dangerousway

I was at the Dangerousway getting delicious foods and beverages, and I saw two cute girls.

One was kind of tough-girl looking. She had jet black hair in a ponytail and a gray hoodie that probably had a logo for a motorsports company on it, and she had some crazy earring thing going on. My guess is she drives a pickup truck and her boyfriend is in a crappy bro metal or bro punk band.

The other girl was talking to someone on her cellphone in a foreign language. She looked kind of like that woman who was in Sideways (2004) and is in Grey's Anatomy. You know who I'm talking about? She looked like her, except she wasn't rail thin like her. The woman in Grey's Anatomy and Sideways woman is quite slender.

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