Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What a Day. What a Day.

I saw a cute girl on campus today with double lip rings and an all around punker look. Kind of a bad time to see her, because I'm dressed pretty conventional today, in one of those silly pre-faded polo shirts (Ironically, I found the shirt in a dumpster, so in reality it's more punk than most of my other shirts).

I also saw two cute girls yesterday at the laundry mat. One was dressed in sweats and had her hair back and had glasses on, as if she'd been hanging around the house all day and didn't much care what she looked like. I'm a big fan of the just rolled out of bed look.

The other cute girl was dressed to kill. She had on a very smart looking leather jacked and plaid sweater, and knee high boots which were too elegant to be blatantly sexual. The dressed to the nines look is also one that I'm a fan of, sometimes, though usually not as much as the just rolled out of bed look.

About a week ago, I was sitting behind the cute motorcycle girl and her stomach started grumbling. It was cute in a visceral sort of way. I kind of like that women are human and have normal human bodily functions. After all, it's not like this blog is called Mannequins That Chuck Likes.

I was having kind of a poop-o day today, and as I was walking to my car after class, I spied this nerdy guy out of the corner of my eye. He often wears a trench coat and a flat cap and he's been in a couple of my classes and he brought up Godwin's law once when someone used it in an ethical debate. All said and done, I like him. Anyway, I noticed he was talking to a girl, and my first thought was 'Woah! Way to go, geek!' Then I looked over at what girl he was talking to. It was fucking Irene. I walked right past them, and I felt weird about saying 'Hi.' to Irene. I'm sure she didn't notice me. I'm hoping that if I walk back on a similar path to my car, I'll run into her again, as for today, I was tired and feeling lousy and I just wanted to go home and take a nap. Still, Mazel Tov to the nerd!

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