Saturday, March 27, 2010

Allison Mack

My father and I have been watching the first season of Smallville, and I think Allison Mack is so adorable it's almost offensive.


In this picture she appears to be wearing some kind of purple accordion. I chose it because a Google image search of 'Allison Mack' comes up with a whole bunch of pictures of her being all hella seductive, and this was the most unassuming one. You might be saying 'Hey, since when do you have a problem with hella seductive women?' and I don't, it's just, I have this crazy compulsion toward puppy love that has successfully ruined my life on multiple occasions, and it's with these eyes that I view Allison Mack. After all, in Smallville she plays a sweet, spunky, smart girl, not some smokin' hot babe. You get it, right?


  1. Well done, Chuck. I think your foto choice was right on.

  2. Good choice. I think she's pretty cute. Not too much my style, really, but cute nonetheless.