Friday, March 5, 2010

At The Pub

So I decided I wanted to get piss drunk tonight, and I had a couple of beers and then my father, out of the blue, decided we should go to the pub for dinner, so while I was there I drank some more, and the TV at the pub was watching BBC America and there were a couple of cute girls on. One of them had hoop earrings. Have I mentioned before that hoop earrings drive me nuts?

Also, there was some hick woman who my pop was talking to who was there. I think her name is Robin and I think I went to high school with her. She sounded like she's quite a woman by now. I didn't really like her in high school because she was racist and conformist. Now she seems pretty cool, like she has a 1970 Chevy Pickup that she's working on. That's rad.

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