Saturday, March 6, 2010

Brigitte Helm

I just watched Metropolis (1927) and I thought Brigitte Helm was really good looking in it. I kind of like the way women looked in the silent film era, which I guess is pretty goth of me.


I also think she did a pretty good job of portraying the human Maria and the robot Maria as two distinctly different people. I hope I'm not giving it away for anyone.

They referred to the robot Maria as 'the witch' several times in the movie, and it reminded me of the creepy ass hot witch list. It got me wondering if they ever did a hot robot list, and of course, somebody did. I don't think they gave robot maria a fair shot in it. I mean, she was way better looking when she didn't look like a robot (again, I hope I'm not giving it away here).

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