Monday, September 13, 2010

The House of The Devil

I try not to talk to much about stuff besides girls on here, but oh man, I watched House of The Devil last night, and it was really really cool. It's got the best 1980's flavor that I've ever seen from a movie that wasn't really done in the 1980's. Also, it was just generally well done. The ending sort of disappointed me, but I'm pretty hard to please in that area.

There were two really cute girls in the movie. Greta Gerwig was in it, and it was too bad she was killed quickly and unceremoniously (I don't give a fuck about a spoiler) because she was cute and her character was cool.


Jocelin Donahue was the star of the movie, and she's really good looking, but moreover, her character seemed really awesome and a lot like a final girl in an 80's slasher movie.


Other than that, I've been really upset about generally where my life is at right now, and my lacking romantic resume and overriding loneliness has given me a lot of trouble. Seriously. Things ain't been very nice.

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