Friday, September 3, 2010

People who read WWCL around the world.

So I signed up to Google Analytics for my other blog, which I care about a lot more than this one.* Just for fun, I set up WWCL for Google Anatlycis as well. First of all, this blog gets about four times as many hits as my other one, and second of all, there's a number of folks from other countries who have been to WWCL. Check this out:

United States - 104 visits
France - 15 visits
United Kingdom - 11 visits
Poland - 9 visits
Canada - 9
Australia - 6

New Zeland spends, on average, the most time on WWCL. Russia spends the least.

Thank you for your interest, citizens of the world.

*Straight up. Granted, WWCL is a very therapeutic thing for me, and on those grounds I find it indispensable. However, the story of the women in my life is a story of pain and suffering, whereas my appreciation of music has always been a pleasant one.

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