Sunday, June 19, 2011

Okay, but who is this?

 Here's what we can presume from the pictures:
1. These pictures look professionally taken, though the backdrops both look improvised. The one with the guns, maybe not.
2. Judging from her tattoos, it's possible these pictures were taken for a tattoo magazine.
3. She's wearing a pompadour, thick-frame glasses, and a garish belt buckle. This leads me to think she's some sort of rockabilly psudeo-hipster.
5. She has a wedding ring on, so we can assume she's married.
6. She skull-wearing-a-bow-ties AAC, which could mean many different things.
7. Her stomach tattoo says 'a cruce salus' which is Latin for 'Salvation by or from the cross.' The image of the Virgin Mary along with this leads me to think she's probably Catholic. She could be Protestant, but Catholics are generally more enamored with the Virgin Mary than other sects.
8. Given her apparent gun-enthusiasm and Christianity, she's probably more conservative than your average punk rocker. This makes it more probable that she's deep into rockabilly which is a far more politically conservative subculture than most others. Rockabillys also are typically down with tattoo culture in a big way.
9. She's too cool to smile, so she does this same half-assed smirk in each picture.
10. There's a website on the first shirt, but I can't tell what it is.

Okay. I've done my Sherlock Holmes-ing. Does anyone else have anything?


  1. Her shirt in the first picture says "", and the AAC in the second picture stands for "Advanced-Armament Corporation". Here's a link to the second shirt with the same picture of her showing it off . I'm assuming she was a "shirt model" for the organization which would be why the pictures look professional and somewhat staged.

  2. After looking at the website's blog i was able to find a few more photos and apparently her name is "rachel", a quick google search of "advanced armament rachel" will get you a ton more photos of her, and with that search i saw that her last name is "Aust" so searching "Rachel Aust" will yield a plethora of photos and information, but I'm getting off my computer now to go on a bike ride so good luck!

    blog post with her first name: