Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker

Right now, I'm on this crappy computer at an office I know of where I can go in and use the computer at night. My Internet is down at the house, and I'm a little on the totally pissed off side. I planned to write a lot, but I'm going to save it for when my internet is back up.

In the last couple of days, I watched this episode of South Park, and I read this article. Coincidentally, they both make the claim that Sarah Jessica Parker is a terrifically ugly woman. That's fucking absurd. Nobody's ever going to go up to her and say 'Excuse me, are you Eric Idle?' She's got sort of a different, sort of interesting look, and she looks different than your average playboy bunny, but I still think she's pretty cute.

Perhaps the animosity toward her looks is a childish extention of animosity toward her participation in Sex And The City. That's a pretty noble reason to think someone is unattractive, however, Parker's contribution to S&TC never bothered me as much as the other actors on the show. The other women would typically dump the men for shallow, callous reasons, while Carrie would typically try to assertively, empathatically find a way to work through any issues she and her partner had, at which point her partner would always throw a fit and storm out the door ('WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M A PREMATURE EJACULATOR! FUCK YOU CARRIE!' *SLAM*). Sex And The City makes me want to go headfirst into the world of dating about as much as I want to shave a rabid racoon covered in agent orange. It suggests that to enter the world of dating and perform competantly you have to be devoid of any empathy or ethics whatsoever. I'm not saying that's a false suggestion, but as it stands, dating only serves to make miserable people more miserable.

Did you know that Sarah Jessica Parker is married to Ferris Bueller? The woman who spearheaded a show that portrayed dating in the most ugly light possible, and she's paired with a man who should personally appologise to everyone who likes Godzilla. Yuck.

Well, now I'm depressed. Thanks for your time!

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