Saturday, July 23, 2011

I need some vodka.

Or better yet, some Scotch.

I'm feeling sort of lonely and horny and I've been bored as shit all day, so I think a night of heavy drinking is in order.

I'm trying to deter myself from drinking alone tonight, because drinking and being lonely isn't always a great combo.

My brother's in town. He and his friends are floating on the river right now, and I was invited, but I wasn't near my phone when he called me. Anyway, I hope they finish up right quick so I can go hang out with them, because they're somebody to drink with. Ay?


  1. Spend a good time drinking. As my mama always said: vodka is the liquor of life.

  2. Yeah drinking alone is no good...I hope they get off the boat soon so you can go get smashed ;)