Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A misguided twentysomething

I've been literally screaming in the past five minutes. It takes a pretty steady barrage of irritation to get me this upset. My email was hacked and started spamming everyone in my contacts list. Then I tried to change my password, and it asked for my AT&T Yahoo! ID, which is different from my Yahoo! ID (It's fun to add the '!' to 'Yahoo!'). I had AT&T for my DSL provider like 4 years ago and they attached onto my Yahoo account like a parasite. I haven't used AT&T for years, and yet for some reason I have to remember the stupid password and username they gave me just so I can change my account. Great.

As I was trying to get this all figured out I knocked over a can of diet orange soda and spilled it all over my desk. That's the point when I started screaming.

Anyway, I saw an advertisement for Toyota cars on Yahoo!'s homepage with a cute girl on it and I followed the links back to a commercial on youtube. I think she's seriously cute, but her interest in facebook is horrifyingly opaque.


  1. hahaha, oh my god... When I saw this, I died. Totally epitomizes the droned out teenager of today (me)

  2. wow sounds like your having a pretty crappy morning :(. Oh well, that girl is pretty cute!