Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rachel Maddow

Sup G?

So this post has been kind of a long time coming. I always thought Rachel Maddow was cute, but political mud-slinging has always sort of rubbed me the wrong way, especially if it's the sort of 'My party can do no wrong. The other party can do no right.' sort of thinking. I always assumed that Maddow would just leave me sort of frustrated by being irrationally steadfast to the democrat agenda. I guess I was being prejudice, because so much news is so crappy. They just don't make 'em like Walter Cronkite anymore, y'know? Anyway, I really never watched much of her show.

Then, earlier today, I watched a clip of her show, and I thought her attitude was really cool, and she recognized that the democrats aren't perfect. Her reporting style sort of treats the political landscape like a friend catching one up on the latest gossip. She also seemed really down to earth. I think a lot of political commentators from both wings get so egotistical that even if they're saying something intelligent you just want them to shut the hell up after a few seconds (Michael Moore and Ann Coulter come to mind). Maddow was more like 'Yo! I'm just doing my thing. Being all political and stuff. Radstyle.'

Here's the clip I watched:

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  1. Intelligence is attractive, but her physicality? not so much. Interesting blog though dude

  2. nice and creative blog, i'll be following

  3. This vid clip may be an exception...

    All the times I've watched her have been mud slinging and childish jokes at people who disagree with her...

    Though, I admit, I think the same of most news pundits... I have a bias against the profession...

    followed, btw