Monday, October 4, 2010

Isabel Van Dyke

A few months ago, I was talking about a girl I met at a beer thing. She worked for an outfit called Science Works and was 'attached.' I saw her again this last weekend.

Saturday was my 26th birthday, and in true old fart fashion, I spent the day listening to Black Sabbath and working on my truck. It was awesome. My mother, perhaps anticipating my typical 'I'm so old and I've accomplished so little.' birthday behavior, suggested we go to a fundraiser at Science Works that included microbreweries and live bands. I thought it sounded like an okay deal, and I was hoping that I could report on the live bands for Ve. I told my parents that I'd once asked out a girl from there, and we joked a bit about running into her again.

When we got to Science Works, I had four tickets that were redeemable for beer or carnival games, provided one with tickets he/she could use to obtain prizes. I decided to drink beer*, because a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Drinking beer and playing with hands-on science shit is pretty crucial. Also, I found a whole bunch of tickets that someone dropped on the ground, so I decided that this was Krishna's way of telling me I ought to get tore up. We only stayed long enough to see one of the bands, and they were a really awful middle-of-the-road reggae act. It wasn't worth it to me to research them any further.

Oh yeah, this blog is about women, isn't it? Sorry. I almost forgot. So I was about six tickets worth of drunked and I noticed, from the back, a scrawny framed woman wearing an elegant dress who had acne running down her back. When I describe her such, it might make her sound unattractive, but that definitely wasn't how I felt about her. I love scrawny framed women, and acne isn't really that huge of a turn off. I mean, it clears up eventually, and there's still a good looking woman under it. The whole makes your face scar up forever is totally overblown in my humble opinion.

So I see a cute zitty girl from behind, and she turns around and sure enough it's the girl from back in the day. Her name tag read 'Isabel' and she was very good looking. Somehow, I knew that I was a little too intoxicated to try and strike up a conversation with her again, and also, the event was sort of busy. She was staffing a game where you threw a ping pong ball into a cup. My mother played the game, I noticed, but I decided my goal would be to avoid her for the rest of the evening, and if I ever see her again, maybe things will be different. Or maybe not. She's probably still attached. So who gives a shit.

I did go ahead and pull out the creep card and look her up on the Science Works website. Here she is. You can go call her if you want. Don't prank call her just coz I said that. If you do then it will look like I'm partially responsible.

Sorry this story took so long and was rather anti-climactic.

*I decided that since it was my birthday it was okay for me to drink some beer. I guess I ought to feel sort of ashamed of that, and I guess I sort of do. Whatever.

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