Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dany Verissimo

So I just finished watching District B13 (2004) and it was a really awesome really stupid action movie that I was surprised to find wasn't directed by Neveldine/Taylor. The woman who plays Lola, the main character's sister, in the movie, is French actor & model Dany Verissimo. She's totally cute in the beginning, but toward the end she gets kind of drugged out and I'm not really a fan of that look.


Isn't it funny how so many models are also good at being actors? I mean, you see 'actress and model' all the time, but you never see 'actress and scientist' or 'actress and janitor.' Say, I wonder if film companies are more interested in what women look like than their talent for acting. Also, I must hang my head in shame, because in making this blog, and admitting that I was attracted to Verissimo, I am living proof that this method of trashy filmmaking is effective.

Still, if they got someone else to play Lola, I would have enjoyed the film just as much. Honestly I would have. I mean, I seriously believe that Philip Seymour Hoffman should play Catwoman in a movie, and I'm not attracted to him. So while I recognize that I'm part of the problem, at least I'm sort of above the problem.

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