Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jolanta Banas

So in Smithsonian magazine this month, they did an article on the difficulty in preserving Auschwitz. I didn't read the article, but it makes sense. I mean, the Nazis probably didn't build Auschwitz thinking it needed to last forever, and plus, there's all this little stuff that one doesn't immediately think about.

According to Jolanta Banas, 'Our main problem is sheer numbers. We measure shoes in the ten thousands.' She's, of course, talking about shoes that were worn by the prisoners of Auschwitz. Apparently they keep stuff like that.

Who is Jolanta Banas? Why, she's the preservation director at Auschwitz. She's also a very cute woman. The picture of her on the Auschwitz website doesn't show off her adorable Kirsten Dunst dimples very well, so I tried to take a picture of the picture that was in Smithsonian. That didn't come out very well either. So I present two equally dissatisfying pictures.



I also wanted to mention that Hailey Wojcik emailed a flyer out to her mailing list, which I am part of. She looks very good in this picture.


Oh yeah, and here's the download link in case you're interested.

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