Monday, February 1, 2010


My shrink believes that if I start taking a fairly heavy dose of anti-depressants, get more exercise, get on a better sleep schedule, and keep up with counseling, that I'll be able to conquer depression at least until I have some sort of mortifying life experience. This is good news, because I am so blue right now that I can't stand it.

I tried to do the make more friends thing today. I messaged this girl on okcupid who messaged me back in the day because we both like Richard Brautigan, and I told her that I really just wanted a solid foundation of friendships and was she interested in that. Then I messaged Crissy Belle and told her more or less the same thing. Finally, I e-mailed some gal off craigslist who sounded cool. None of them got back to me. I can't even make any new friends. That's how totally fucked I am with women.

I do have one friend who I made recently, Rachel. Her husband, Ali, sent me a bunch of pictures that we took on our outing together, and I finally got to see them because I can download them on my parents' computer.


With Rachel's glasses on, my facial structure bears a striking resemblance to Jennifer, so she probably should have dated me, because rest assured that we would have had very good looking children together.

Also, that picture was taken at Los Dos Gallos.


  1. I'm kinda disturbed that our special photo together got tagged with "pee" - really? Why not at least "burrito" or "Ms. Pac-Man"?

    Maybe you should work on making real-life man friends too. Just focusing on random women is kind of disturbing. Though I do nod to the fact that this is your blog about women so of course this is where you write about it.

  2. And by disturbing, I mean you are special and unique but maybe just a wee bit obsessed right now.