Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sloan: Owner of The Wooden Horse

This is why I write this blog. I mean, I don't really care if I think Kathy Ireland, Emmy Rossum, or Franka Potente are attractive. Who doesn't? What I want to chronicle here is the times when I think fondly of a woman for totally outlandish reasons.

So my eternal homegirl and whiskermate, Rachel sent me a bunch of magazines that have advertisements for stuff to do with kids in the bay area. The thinking was that I could go through and send applications to any of the places that sounded like they'd be fun to work at. I was checking out the website for The Wooden Horse, which one of those alternative toy stores. I have a crush on the woman who owns the place, because she owns a toy store.


Of course, maybe that's not that cool. I read a biography of Charles P. Lazarus, who started Toys я' Us. It turns out that he started the company after realizing that kids break toys and thus parents are always buying new ones. What a creep! I hope Sloan isn't a creep like him. I also hope she gives me a job.

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