Friday, October 9, 2009

Anna Karina

I feel bad because I haven't posted on here in a while. I suppose it's for a couple of reasons.

A: I came to the realization, that if I made sure to record any time I found anything attractive in a woman, then every time I went out for the weekend, there'd be about a billion posts of 'I just saw a girl with sort of 1920's style short haircut and cute socks.' Some people may want to read that, but I don't want to write all that. It's bloody exhausting, so I've been using a little bit of discretion.
B: I really just haven't ran into that many women as of late. I haven't been going out that much, and I go through bouts of introversion sometimes, where I would just rather sit at home and read and write and do other nonsocial activities than even talk to the clerk at the grocery store. However, now that I think about it, I did have a pretty cool conversation with the clerk at the Dollar Tree this morning. I was buying a dozen toy swords for a project I'm working on, and she mentioned that they were pretty cool toy swords for just a dollar. I agreed. It wasn't much of an interaction, but like I say, I've been feeling antisocial.

So, since I haven't posted anything, I decided I'd mention that I just watched Alphaville (1965) and I liked Anna Karina in it and she's cute.


Still, I wasn't super excited by how cute she was. Maybe I'm just going through a phase where I'm not interested in women like I usually am. I suppose it's possible. Honestly, it's been a weird day, and any further analysis as to why this blog has hit a slump would simply be TL;DR.

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