Friday, October 9, 2009

Woman at the bank.

I saw the most adorable woman at the bank today. I was filling out a withdrawl slip, and she came over and asked if I knew the date. She was tallish, with shoulder-length red hair, and she was dressed in a way that was flamboyant but authentic, like she was dressing slightly colourfully because she enjoyed it, as opposed to because she needed to impress hipsters. I don't meet many women like that anymore.

She asked me if I knew the date. 'I believe it's the ninth.' I said. 'That'll work.' she replied.

She had a big personality, and I loved it. I imagine she probably brightened up the day of the bank clerk by being friendly and possessing a vigor for life. It's always nice to meet people like that. I try to display a similar character, after all, who doesn't love those kinds of people, and I could stand to get loved now and then. It's a hard personality to manage in trying times though.

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  1. Man, she sounds amazing. I have a thing for redheads, you know. You shoulda asked her out. I would have asked her out, then and there. Or at least it would've crossed my mind and I would have been a little bummed that I hadn't afterwards.