Friday, October 2, 2009

Cute Girl in an SUV

I was driving to the post office to turn in my Netflix, and in the next lane there was a cute girl. Judging from her bumper stickers, she's a psudeo-alternative Snot Topic shopper who is the weird one in her friend group, but all her friends are perfectly normal, and so's her boyfriend (I got all that from a generic Skull & Crossbones bumper sticker and a sticker for some band I hadn't heard of, I'm quick to judge like that). She was short and driving a tall car, so I could only see the top half of her head, but it was a cute top half. Also, she kind noticed when I tried to check her out, so I did that whole 'Hum-de-dum, I'm just looking in that general direction and it has nothing to do with you being there.' thing, so there's another reason why I couldn't tell exactly how cute she was beneath about the ridge of her nose.

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