Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Rememberd What I Forgot & Cute Girl Outside Grocery Store

So last Sunday, October 25th, I went to my cousin's son's (I think that makes him my cousin once removed.) first birthday party. On the way there, I stopped at a Target to get a card. The woman who rang me up was very cute, but in a way that you know every boy within 100 feet of her has picked up on. She was the kind of girl who could get any boy she wants. I kind of can't get into girls like that. See, what I have to offer a woman is something very genuine, and I'm not willing to battle it out with every other person who likes girls in order to demonstrate that. I hate that whole scene. I mean, I think we should try to move past this sort of 'bucks ramming their antlers together to impress the does' philosophy of dating and relationships. I'm not a polyamorist either. Not that I have a problem with polyamory, but I really don't think I could enjoy a relationship like that. Modern romance fiction has tried to suggest a scenario where a woman is beautiful in her own way, and nobody sees why she is special, until a man shows up and realizes is able to see the real her. Sometimes I think this kind of setup to a romantic relationship is unlikely in the real world. If you notice a girl is special, chances are you're not the first, even if she's special in a peculiar, quirky way. Furthermore, I think a hope for this kind of romantic setup can cause men to prey vampirically on women with low self esteem, exploiting their poor self image to gain a relationship from them, and I don't mean to imply that these men are trying to do something wrong. I just think 'She has low self esteem and I need to be the one to save her' is setting oneself up for a horrid relationship.

I was walking to the grocery store a couple of hours ago and I saw a cute girl. She was really thin. Some guys don't like thin women. I had a friend tell me that he felt skinny women looked 'sickly.' I'm certainly not implying that I'd be more attracted to women in a world where anorexia was a rule. I think there's a lot of really cute women who are hardly rail thin, even obese. However, there are some really cute skinny minnys out there.

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