Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lenore Skenazy


Sometimes I wonder, 'Do I have a thing for X type of women?' and I usually resolve that, no, I don't have a thing for X type of women in particular, but there are some attractive women who happen to be X type, and I really like women, so I pick up on that.

Enter Lenore Skenazy, she's the New York Sun (RIP) writer who made waves by letting her kid ride the subway by himself. She's a very New York City woman with a very New York City accent, and I would be a little surprised if I found out she's a goy.

Do I like New York girls? Do I like New York probably Jewish girls? It's a tricky question to answer, because I don't really know any. The first example of New York girls that comes to my mind is Sex And The City, and I'm pretty sure that I don't want to get involved with any of the women on that show after watching the first four seasons or so, and watching them dump hundreds of guys for superficial reasons. However, all the women on that show are sort of insightful in a neat way. Except Charlotte. Nobody likes Charlotte. I feel bad for Charlotte because nobody likes her. I'd date Charlotte, but only if she doesn't try to change me.

But imagine, if you will, the case of Lenore Skenazy. I just watched an interview with her, and she seemed like a great conversationalist and she thought about stuff all the time and had interesting things to say about it, and I bet she knows where all the good food is in New York, and maybe we could go ice skating at 30 Rock and catch a play on Broadway before rounding out the night with bagels. And getting Mohawks and killing pimps for Jodie Foster, because that's what people in New York are like.

I've also noticed that pretty much every woman who's in the media that I talk about on here is significantly older than I am (I turned 25 yesterday). I think this is because the media doesn't depict many twenty-something women who are smart, intellectual, and genuine. Or maybe I have a thing for women in their thirties and forties. I'm cool with that.

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