Saturday, October 31, 2009

Night of the Living Melt-Banana

Last night, I saw what was indubitably one of the best shows in my entire life.


Melt-Banana (AKA MxBx) has been one of my favorite bands for years now, but they've never been my very most favorite. I feel like that has changed as of last night.

Trying to keep this focused on women: I've met very few girls who like Melt-Banana, and those that I have met are mostly into the band because they're boyfriend turned them onto them. Last night, old friends from Chico and newer friends from Sacramento were at the show, and I had to navigate between three different groups of friends. Of those groups, there were four girls. All of them were there with their boyfriend. There's only one who I can say for sure would have shown up even if her boyfriend didn't want to go.

So that sucks. It would be nice to go to a place where there's girls to be met, and not have to put up with lousy music for my efforts. Furthermore, I'm done dating women with differing taste in music. It may seem shallow or callous or misguided, but I'd say almost everyone I know who gets me also gets the music that I listen to, and almost everyone who doesn't get the music I listen to doesn't get me. There's definitely exceptions, but relationships are a lot of work, and taking a gamble on a girl who says things like 'I don't see why you like Nick Drake so much more than Jack Johnson. It's basically the same thing.' to my mind, is just asking to get hurt.

But hey, you know who's cute, and ostensibly gets the music that I listen to? Yasuko Onuki, of Melt-Banana.


I have a crush on her just for owning such a cool sweater.

I certainly don't mean to imply I don't also have a crush on bassist Rika Hamamoto, but at both MxBx shows I've been to, she hasn't made any audience banter, and so I don't feel like I know her as well. She's still really cute and plays rad music though.

On a 'personal victories' digression, I'm 25, unemployed, with no girlfriend, and no band, but instead of standing toward the back and feeling dorky during MxBx's set, I got right into the most pit, and had a blast. It was a really meaningful experience for me. It reminded me that in spite of everything, I haven't given up. It reminded me of what a really exciting, special, P.F.R. person I really am.

Happy Halloween!

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